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Too Long, Didn’t Listen (TL;DL)Too many good podcasts and too little time for great episodesNot enough time to listen, even I’m on 2x speedThinking about how to save boatload of time on podcasts, but also deciding which episodes deserve more attentionRetain information better by reading, not listeningLooking for the gems and digging “gold” in a podcast episode that will inspire you or pump youRewind and rewind again, when you can’t recall something (oh no)Need a quick cheat sheet for high-level points, links and resources

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Untethered is curated by Kevin Liu - an infinite learner, a compulsory to-do list taker, a podcast junkie and a crypto enthusiast

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I'm Kevin Liu. I'm the curator of the Untethered Newsletter, a jam packed summary note from the best Crypto podcasts' episodes.

Just like you, I'm still on my way down the Crypto rabbit hole.

I know you are a learning machine too, and Doing Your Own Research. However, there are just too much information out there.

"Information overload is a symptom of our desire to not focus on what's important."

Define Untethered

As a crypto enthusiast, I’d like to see The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on Crypto Tokens.

That’s what got me started on Untethered, to learn with you in a way that is not tied or limited to any conventional beliefs.

It is designed to optimize adding value for the community, and let you focus on important work.

Untethered is your choice.

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Let's grow Untethered into one of the best ways to get in-depth Crypto insights and analysis, you’ll ever read.